The Best Blogging Tips

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What it takes to become a successful blogger? How do you take your blog to the next level? Here are 20 blogging tips and advice from another blogger.

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  • Amit Agarwal

    I have shared some blogging tips in this YouTube video.




    Thank you so much for sharing this Video.

    I am pretty scared that you suggested to blog using WordPress. I actually use Blogger and I have just started blogging so I guess this is the right time to shift the blog.

    Thanks a lot for some tips I was unaware of.

    • Mr.Developer

      +ROHAN CHAUBEY Thanks 🙂 and you are welcome. 
      If you want to keep blogging as a hobby, you can use which is similar to blogger. When you are ready to move to self-hosted wordpress, it will be a lot easier to migrate. will not let you place ads. Since you are not worried about earning from your blog, I will strongly suggest using’s free service. 

      its more reliable and optimized. 

      They are less likely to abandon’s free service as they already have a premium pre-hosted solution. But blogger on the other hand is totally free.

      As Amit said “Google shuts down those services that are of no use to them in a long run.”

      Google has already shut down many projects like Google news reader, page rank, orkut and so on.

      So for the safety of your blog, you should choose a service that’s more likely to survive.

      tumblr, wordpress are the best one in the market right now.



      Oh yes, again thanks for some more helpful information. We cannot say whether Google will shut down blogger or not but at the same time we never know what will happen in future. With the increasing popularity of WordPress and other platforms of course there are a few chances of blogger shutting down.

    • Aravind Sanjeev

      He has a good point but allow me to be contradictory. Most of the renowned blogs online started from blogger. I would suggest a beginner to anyway use blogger because.

      1. Most of the new bloggers don’t want to pour a huge amount of money to develop their blog. WordPress is free, but the thing is, it’s gonna cost you. Even if you are going to choose WordPress free hosting (, that’s the same case of using blogger and the disadvantage is, you can’t even use your own domain name without paying to WordPress on annual fee which apparently is terrible thing to new bloggers. (it is free in Blogger)

      2. There is an easy AdSense integration in blogger and this is important because newbies are likely not going to earn a large amount on their blog. It might take more than a year to produce any kind of significant income (it will take 6 months for Google to approve you for AdSense) and so they are not likely going to afford a good hosting or keep renewing their domain (if they have a custom one) and it is very good to stay inside the comfort zone before you can be independent.

      3. However, I do support moving to WordPress once your blog is able to produce enough revenue to afford good hosting, custom domain renewals and possibly webmail spaces.
      You might even want to enable DDoS protection etc when you get popular.

      So my opinion, starters should use Blogger as their platform and they can switch to WordPress. Blogger is dedicated to blogging, WordPress is a content management system. And for the good, WordPress is only growing so it is never going (or at least soon) to be outdated. There will be always services out there to help you switch from Blogger to WordPress, but if you did something terrible like starting in WordPress and you want to switch to Blogger, there are quite a few services that can help you with that.


      +Aravind Sanjeev Thank you!!!

    • Aravind Sanjeev

      Anytime 🙂

  • TheKomentor

    Only someone with great confidence in their content can keep the audience engaged with just text and background narration. Well done!

  • Neueregel

    Very good tips. Thanks Amit ! Very useful as always

  • Maniruddin Mansuri

    really a great video…thanks for sharing..

  • Jumbo Dium

    very nice tips…Enjoyed the video with lots of informations…

  • Abdul Qoyyuum Haji Abdul Kadir

    Nicely put

  • Sudip Majhi

    Informative video. I have one question. What should be an ideal word count for a technology blog? Does it really matter if my content is unique and fresh enough?


    WOW …. Freakin Amazing… 😮 So so freakin true.

  • PC Game Portal

    Very helpful video. Thanks for sharing these valuable tips.

  • Robey Lawrence

    A great collection of tips and tricks.
    Bookmarking to this video.

  • Tons Of Tuts

    how to get your content in google search results?

  • ITeachBlogging

    I really enjoyed on Writing too. Have you read Bird by Bird by Anne Lammont? I started it but need to finish it.

  • Isaiah Davis

    Your site and channel is awesome! 😀

  • The Profit Channel

    Thanks Amit.

  • Ashokvishal Sr

    Great Amit. This one vid is a proof why you are India’s #1 blogger. Thanks.

  • Gudtalent Chrisent


    Amazing tips Amit… Thanks for sharing.

  • Kiran Patel

    Thanks for the tips, sir 🙂

  • Shreyash Bhagat

    Thank you for sharing these tips appreciate your help sir

  • Greta Lamfel

    Wow, good information

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