Q&A: Business of Blogging | Episode No. 6

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In today’s video, I’m answering all of your questions about a topic you've all been asking about: THE BUSINESS OF BLOGGING. How did I get started? How do I build out and prepare content? I'm talking about it all in today's segment of Deskside Diaries. Got more questions? Leave them in the comments below!

For more information regarding outfit details, check out today's blog post!

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Margo & Me is a digital destination for millennial women to visit and feel inspired to see the über feminine and delightful side of life in every moment of every day. Our stories of fashion, lifestyle and travel are colorful, aspirational and attainable but most importantly created with authenticity, love and admiration for the magnificent and grand world around us.

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  • Kristina Wilde

    Really useful and down to earth tips! Absolutely love your blog and have for years! xo

  • irinaa9

    Love your videos so much!!! I follow a lot of bloggers and you are the one that completely stands out! Love your content and everything that you do!!!! You are an inspiration!❤️

  • HerLaughterSings

    thank you so much this was REALLY helpful! Talking about everything from being so determined to work so early on in life to your first “pinch me moment” was really inspiring! I feel like you’re living proof that with enough determination, dreams truly do come true! I have another question for you though (or anyone else that might possibly have some good tips.) Say you’re working hard to put out content that you’re proud of and that you’ve done your best to make as quality as you can, how do you avoid getting lost within the white noise of SO much content here on youtube or instagram, etc. ? I never want to be that annoying person who’s spamming people with “COOL VIDEO-GO CHECK ME OUT!” But then again, how do work to get your name out there without being so crass? Thank you! And in terms of you and Freddie, what is something you’ve learned about each other over time? Thanks again! love you!

    • Margo & Me

      These are AMAZING questions sweet girl and I’ll definitely get to some of these in my next few deskside diaries sections! Thank you for making this journey what it is and keeping me constantly inspired!!


  • B Nguyen

    Can you share the picture of the Harper’s Bazaar outfit in the next Q&A?

  • itsmecatiuscas

    This is great and very informative! Also you seem to be very nice and enjoying life

  • xoLoveLeti

    Thank you SO much for taking the time to do this and help us! If you don’t mind me asking, what do you make the most money from? Like should we focus on sponsorships, affiliate links, etc? I am honestly lost on the business aspect of it all. Google Adsense will never be enough for a full time job.

  • christine

    I absolutely love your style, your blog and your videos! You mentioned you signed up with an agency in New York, which agency is that if you don’t mind me asking!

  • Emma Piontek

    Where did you get your necklace from?

  • Musings of a Curvy Lady

    Jenny! This has been amazingly helpful. You are paying it forward like woah! #Inspired #DoPrettyWell

  • Allie Knofczynski

    The success people find from blogging is so inspiring! I am at allieknofczynski.wordpress.com, and would appreciate if anybody checked it out!

  • Shannon Chase

    You really do stand out because of the high quality of every aspect I have seen in your videos. They are beautiful! Thank you for sharing your expertise with working mothers like me who dream of doing something creative like this for a living. I have been concerned that by the time I started it wouldn’t be enough before blogging, YouTube or whatever phased out since I can’t do it full time. Primarily, though, would be figuring out my audience. A lifestyle blog reflective of what I do would be of what seem to be saturated markets: wife, mom, cook, Sunday school teacher and corporate job as a public speaker and educator. But what I want it to be is more of the creative diy home decor projects I rarely finish, art projects and so forth. Any advice for determining my primary field in a way that is flexible to accommodate those restraints, yet has the possibility of growing into a full time income?

  • Annie Oa

    you are an absolute breath of fresh air!!! I recently discovered your channel and share with you an obsession with Parisian inspired content. You have a new loyal subscriber! xoxo, love from Canada!!!

  • Brianna Meighan

    I just LOVED THIS VIDEO! So helpful and so inspiring! Please do more “business of blogging” and “how to make an editorial calendar” type content! LOVE IT! Thank you SO much!!!! 🙂

  • Francesca Felix

    You are the cutest!!! I’m happy I found your YouTube Channel!

  • Kyranna Limos

    Such a great video + so informative! You’re so well spoken + inspiring…thank you 🙂

  • FranklyFranca

    Amazing video! You’re such an inspiration, even if I don’t have a blog, I found it very interesting in regards to my youtube channel as well😊 all the best to you, you really really deserve all of your success!

  • Rosymiss 404

    Hi Jen! I started my fashion blog about 5 months ago, and my plan is to get enough followers on my social medias before starting my YouTube channel. After I do this I want to introduce my clothing line. Could you give me some advice?

  • Le Shaay

    my first time ever seeing you or any of your content and I am in love….

  • Brittany McCarthy

    I’m going to start v/blogging soon so I’m so grateful for these talks. I work in animation so the editing and design concept side of it…I feel so stupid for not thinking of it before but once you mentioned you storyboarded (mightve been an earlier video) and your husband is a director I was like OMG. Huge eye opening moment for me, thanks.

  • Hsiao-Chiao Tsai

    Thank you for answering these questions!! I’ve learned so much. 😊

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