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A lot of you ask questions about how to start a blog and YouTube channel, so I'm giving you some of the basics of both!
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Ring light (big):
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MacBook Pro:
Final Cut Pro X:

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Okay, we have two recurring questions, so here are the answers!:

1. How do you get your channel/blog out there and gain subscribers?
This one is tough because there's no ONE way to do this. All I can tell you is that CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT work is what will make your blog or channel grow. Upload consistently, at least once a week. Make your content GOOD, people will subscribe and come back. And make sure you're vlogging about trending topics, subjects that are popular that you know people search for a lot. Other than that, you must be patient. It took me 2 years to get to this point. But what I can tell you is that as time goes on and you grow, the growth happens more quickly. It took me 6 months to get from 100k to 200k, and now it appears I'll be at 300k in 3 months. So the growth happens exponentially faster as you grow bigger.

2. How can I use music in my videos and not get in trouble for copyright?
This one is very important because YouTube is VERY strict when it comes to copyright. Personally, I use music from, which is a royalty free music library. But you can also use, which is another royalty free music library. You will have to pay for these tracks, though. If money is an issue, I have two suggestions: 1) You can download just one song and use the same intro to each of your videos, almost like the beginning of any TV show, it's always the same intro. Otherwise, if you'd like to use different songs for your videos, try the YouTube music library. YouTube now has its own royalty free collection for people like you and me to use!

Get to know me! Most of you know my Makeup and Beauty blog, as well as my fashion blogging, but maybe you don’t know the rest of me. Get to know me! – You tweet I answer in my Q&A videos “Ask Teni.” Vlog with me as I go vlogging around my hometown of Los Angeles, CA or follow my travel diary as I blog and vlog my travel adventures in exotic destinations like the Bahamas and London! Don’t worry I’ll def throw in some beauty advice and a few tips on how to start a blog for those of you that are curious as to how I got my start.

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Hi! I’m Teni Panosian the beauty blogger behind the style and beauty blog, and welcome to my official YouTube channel! If it's makeup, beauty, skincare, hair, and style you're looking for, you've come to the right makeup channel! I’m not a makeup artist; I’m coming to you as another consumer like yourself… I just happen to be an extremely well-informed cosmetics buyer with great makeup tips. From beauty hacks, makeup tips, beauty advice, makeup hauls, to beauty product reviews I’ve got something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for eye makeup tutorials, full coverage makeup tutorials, or how to apply matte lipstick, let me show you my makeup routine. While my strength is in beauty, you’ll also find a sprinkle of fashion, lifestyle, and wellness content here. Check out my style tips in my what to wear videos and my personal vlogs as I travel and live my crazy life. Thanks for checking out my channel. 🙂 I hope you enjoy!


  • Lavinia Enuta

    If I wanna to start doing a youtube channel how much will I spend on makeup products?Or I will get those products by a brand which I promoted?

    • Teni Panosian

      In the beginning you’ll be using the makeup that you’ve bought yourself, but at a certain point when you grow enough you’ll find that makeup brands will want to send you their products. That said, you should only ever promote products that you truly believe in. Just because a company sent you products doesn’t mean you HAVE to promote them. Always give them the disclaimer first that if you don’t end up liking the products, you won’t be able to write/vlog about them. Integrity is very important!

    • Lavinia Enuta

      Thank you soooo much for the answer ! :* I’ll keep watching your channel chz it’s the best!!!

    • NITH S M B

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    • pretty wilson

      +Lavinia Enuta subbed

  • Teni Panosian

    HEY BABES! I’ve answered two questions in the description box, these were two questions that showed up a lot in the comments… Especially question 1!!

  • Jayna Patel

    Thank you for this video teni! Its so hard getting noticed on youtube. You really rapidly became one of my favorite gurus!

  • Reachingyourpinnacle

    I would love to know what ISO and other camera settings you use.  I also have a Rebel t3i, and I’m still trying to figure out what’s best. 

    • Teni Panosian

      great question: For the sake of keeping the quality as high as possible, I like to keep the ISO no higher than 400 (ideally I like to keep it at 200) and the other number, which I don’t know the name of lol I just know you can change it using the wheel at the top of the camera, I like to keep that number at 125, maybe 160. So the key is to get your lighting as bright as possible without looking harsh so that you can use these settings. Hope this helps!

    • Reachingyourpinnacle

      This is SO helpful!!  Thank you so much.

  • Natarsha Tobin

    I’m a new youtuber focusing on beauty, fashion & lifestyle if anyone wants to check it out & we can be friends! <3

  • Yana Avecharg

    Very Nice Channel and video!
    Like and comment “Done” once you’ve subbed and I’ll sub back!

  • TheofficialQueen

    any youtuber wanna support each other’s?

  • Beauty Fx MUAH

    Any small youtubers that would like to support each other? I’ll sub back anyone who subs me.

  • Mr Goldfish

    im gonna start a channel on makeup tips for men

  • Rob England

    It would have been nice to answer the question IN THE TITLE ., ‘HOW TO MAKE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL BLOG’. If it’s buried in a 12 minute video of all talking… It is essentially unanswered to anyone simply trading a view for a tidbit of info. Buried info is not useful info. No offense, I just despise wasted time … “Time is our most precious resource, waste anything but time”. Edit: I just watched all 12 minutes. Verdict: I want my 12 minutes back! How to’s generally include info on ‘HOW TO’. This is all just talking. Maybe because I have 4 older sisters all I hear is: “blah, blah blah, blah, babble babble blah’, BUT WHERE DO YOU EVEN SAY ANY ACTUAL STEPS TO TAKE, TO ACTUALLY START A YOUTUBE BLOG?

  • Joy's Beauty

    i will sub to anyone who subs and then comment me back

  • Paawni Behl

    Thank you so much ❤️

  • Marina Abbasi

    You are so sweet and endearing! 😘

  • lilacmonimakeup

    Thx for the tips girl! Definitely boosted up my confidence about my beauty channel.

  • Basak Erener

    Just subscribed love the video x

  • De-Von Ambitious

    What does she mean by add your blogs? @6:00

  • IevaMy

    Very interesting video! I’m a new youtuber too and I’ll keep working hard on my videos.

  • Richard Ulrich

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    Thank you. Yes people love to know how your living and your opinion.

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