How I started my health coaching business and my blog

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One of the most frequently asked questions I get, other than "what is Anthony Bourdain like in person?" is always about how I got started with my health coaching business and my blog. Sometimes I don't get the opportunity to send the lengthy emails I'd like to, to tell all of you lovely budding health coaches and entrepreneurs about it so I decided that I would make a video! I'm also really excited to announce the launch of "breakthrough business sessions" due to overwhelming demand of people wanting to chat with me about their business. In my breakthrough business sessions, we'll spend an hour together discussing your business goals and ideas, your brand, where you're target market is, your income stream, among other topics depending on your personal situation and then leave you with an actionable list to get started on immediately. If you're curious about learning more or wish to get one scheduled ASAP, please feel free to email me at


  • gdixonregeneca

    Great video!

  • clay smith

    business coach presenter. what are event couse$$$$ locatins

  • vijay risbud

    i want to join vijay india

  • Jeremy Hoppe

    Very inspiring Cassandra! You are amazing!

  • mrmee1229

    Im looking into this program as well and i see this certification and also that you can get a 4 year degree. So confused on what to do

    • Dr Egypt Iredia

      +mrmee1229 do what resonates with your heart most. There are 1000s of health coaches online without even a degree. This is coming from a health coach who is a medical doctor and medical herbalist. You can make both an academic or non-academic background work. As long as you are well informed and educate yourself. Education is not only from colleges. All the best in your career.

    • mrmee1229

      wow such a nice comment. Yes i am almost done with my health coach program =)

  • Tanja J.E. Markgraf

    i want to go to IIN I think . an looking into the program … Id love to learn from you .. I want to make this an ONLINE BUSINESS .. with email platforms … programs .. that are paid and sent via email …. maybe a cooking online thing.. I have a youtube channel already that Ive poste alerady … HELP! 🙂 ..

    • Cassandra Bodzak

      +Tanja J.E. Markgraf yes! that sounds lovely! I work with a lot of wellness entrepreneurs one on one to help them build their business so you can definitely email me if you want that kind of support at – I’m also an IIN ambassador so feel free to tell them my name if you register or email with any specific questions! 🙂

  • JP Millard

    Hey Canssandra I was inspired to hear your story. I am a true health nut, I read books on the subject of health and holistic healing practices in my spare time as well. Your post was very encouraging to me and I think I would like to pursue health/wellness coaching as a career once I graduate with my bachelors. My degree might interest you. I’m pursuing a degree in integrative healthcare at MSU Denver in Colorado which sounds very similar to what you learned at IIN. What I’m pursuing is a 4 year degree with classes on nutrition, anatomy and physiology, Complementary and alternative healing practices (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine etc.), and wellness coaching to name a few. I’m so excited that there are programs Like IIN that also teach lifestyle medicine and I’m even more excited that there are wonderful people like you out there who are helping people to live healthier and more fulfilling lives! Have a great day!

  • sonia irusta

    Hi! Does the programm at INN cost approximately u$s 5000 that is to say something impossible for me to afford????? Sonia from Argentina.

  • Ashley Annaca

    Great video gorgeous girl! I’m just starting out my video blogs! I hope I can get it up off the ground too xxx

  • Gwen Wang

    Thanks for the info! I’m currently in China. Do you know if I can get certified as a health coach online?

    • Cassandra Bodzak

      +Gwen Wang not positive what the regulations are over there but I”m sure if you call IIN they will let you know! Or just check the website ?

  • Dr Egypt Iredia

    thank you for this very useful video. As a new coach, the information is invaluable. Thanks!

  • Chef mrfoodie77

    you inspired me, actually called IIN today and hopefully I can join IIN may 18. I love helping people but more importantly helping myself.

  • ALi -V

    i just graduated IIN i feel like how do i get out there what to do first?!!? gotta break it down though start small i guess.

  • My Whole Lot of Love

    I am currently going to IIN

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