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Today I am talking all about how I've managed to monetize my blog. Let me start off by saying that I am not here trying to brag about how much I make, I just like to be all about transparency and I want to share with you how you can make money blogging, too. When I started blogging I had no clue that I could make any money, let alone over $1000 monthly and I would have killed for a resource like this!

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  • Gina Alyse

    Such an informative video, Morgan! So glad I found your channel and your blog! 🙂

  • Elizabeth Maske

    Morgan, do you find that the TapInfluence platform is hard to work with when setting up account details? It doesn’t save a lot my edits and it also makes my pictures look really stretched in the content tab. Oh and also, I can’t figure out how to update my Twitter followers. Everything else you just refresh but Twitter I can’t figure out! Loved your post about it!

    • Morgan Timm

      +Elizabeth Maske Yeah – I definitely had that problem! I’ve had to disconnect and reconnect my Twitter account several times. And I hate the stretched images – sometimes I just bypass adding a post if it looks too wonky!

    • Elizabeth Maske

      I just upload a new pic! It takes twice as long. Very frustrating. Also no matter how many times I save that I have cats, it says I have no pets. haha. I suppose it could be worse

  • Melanie SimplyMelanie

    Hi Morgan, thank you for making this video. I found it very useful and informative. People like you (willing to give honest and accurate information) are rare these days. More often videos like these are hinting at information but make you go buy something to get the scoop. Thank you for sharing. I think the internet is big enough for all of us and there’s no need for secrecy about how to get a piece of the pie.

    • Morgan Timm

      +Simply Melanie Thank you so much, Melanie! I agree! There is room for us all to be successful blogging, no need to keep things hushed!

    • kevin sampson

      *I’ve been on this program for more than a couple of months now [Link Here==****  ] and I must confess that this is the easiest step for any newbie to take and make quick success online.*

  • FreedomWorkShop

    Never heard of Morgan before, but I checked her out. ie: Researched her website, previous articles, website history, etc. She’s definitely legit.

  • Winfred Vumba

    I have a blog too 😊

  • Carissa Saelee

    I tired to apply for Google adsence and I didn’t qualify

  • Zayda

    This enlightened me to take my blogging more seriously. I spend so much to maintain and don’t make anything back. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Layne Fable

    Love that you’re open to helping others 😇

  • Mandla Mufaro Dube

    Thank you for sharing

  • Connie Freitas

    I wish it was easy to figure out what niche I could fit into 😐

  • Greta Lamfel

    Hi. I don’t seem to find the links to sponsored opportunities


    thanks alot for i needed this info

  • Jumana Al Hamadani

    which blog website should I use. Blogger?

  • Tiffany Tuesday

    Help me reach my first 50 subs ! Prizes to be won

  • Nevin Springer

    Make money sharing your feedback with big brands

  • David Woutersen

    Hey Morgan, nice tips 🙂
    Thanks, I’m new to blogging, dabbled around abit before, but your tips are great & your videos 🙂
    You’ve given me some tips so I’d like to give you a tip or 2 on Youtube 😉
    You have some great videos & you can really go a lot further, faster, on youtube by just spending a couple of minutes setting up your channel home page 🙂
    I’d also recommend setting up some playlists, you’ll rank better and people interested in similar topics will be able to easily watch more of your videos 🙂
    Cheers 😁

  • SuperPerfect10

    Does it matter where you live in the world when you have a blog to get opportunities and getting paid ?

  • Danie Gomes

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    you are cute

  • SeriousFrenchButRelax

    Great post. Thanks, Morgan. By the way, I couldn’t see your list of preferred networks. Can you, please, add it? Thanks.

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