Hangout on Air: Blogging for Your Business

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David Kutcher (from ) and Lisa Ding (Blogger community manager) talk about how having a blog can help a business supplement their website and reach a new audience.


  • Vachaspati Mishra

    Good initiative. Best wishes for your future projects..

  • Malcolm Ross

    mmm useful video…thanks
    I have some ( lol a lot!) of stuff on blogs/ internet marketing but they make things seems way too complex and more of a project.You seem to be able to cut through to the essence and frankly the fun…this video makes it look do-able.
    First thanks. Second you have a talent for communicating that most others do not… well in my experience 🙂 and I am an info junky.
    Iit makes me think why don’t I just do this! and see what happens…
    Thanks 🙂

  • James Carthel

    REF: Move my web site from Apple’s MobileMe before June 29! This is a web site for my guild, Clear Lake Basket Weavers Guild that is about to be dumped. Another Blogger has suggested that I investigate converting the web site to a blog. I’m finding your instructional videos interesting and understandable. Do you have any material that would be specific to such a conversion process?

  • Adrienne McCue

    I think google has a opportunity to move blogger to like wordpress if they do that. then I’m in, right now, I’m using it for a temp site, until I can get my server one set up for nonprofit…. but I love google so…

  • Adrienne McCue

    I’m contacting you david!!

  • David Kutcher

    if anyone is looking for more tutorials please visit our site at BlogXpertise! (dotcom)

  • David Kutcher

    contact me 🙂

  • David Kutcher

    have you visited our site, BlogXpertise?

  • Tereza Oliveira

    eu sabia,nunca perdi,beijos eu adoro vcs…beijos

  • k odu

    Very helpful but I need a step by step tutorials on
    how to start blogging with blogger. How do I link my domain name to
    I have been wanting to learn WordPress but I feel blogger is easier. Thanks folks.

  • Xavier Rodriguez

    I’ve read some other forums and blogs about Hangout and Hangout On Air, and some said that it’s only limited to 10 Participants, and 15 if paid..If ever i pay on the paid version of it, what other benefits can i get aside from the additional participants?

  • Mashudrana kobi kobi

    i am a poet and media aditors
    ghideder and social unit
    d,g all aer best frands mechual relation ship socialwork

  • Inan Sulaeman

    pleace helf me all….!!!

  • Adrienne Fonda

    I would like to know how to create a blog as a jump start for a business before having create a website specifically for that business. Will it draw potential clients and how about a link to linkedin.

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