Damon Dash Being Your Own Boss Breakfast Club

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Damon Dash shares with the Breakfast Club the Importance of being your own boss.
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  • Pork Chop Extra Gravy

    How are we going to get the money to put up Dash ? TELL ME

    • Melvin's Channel

      Pork Chop Extra Gravy I wondered this also. I came to the conclusion that most if not all independent rap moguls started from dope money. So ideally one needs that kind of money or comparable. Being a 9-5 guy ain’t gonna cut it.

  • Nasir Barbee

    i think i can break this down.

    you all have various items in your home. shoes cloths electronics ect that you may have been givin or bought. you do not need a job to sell those things.

    bam i sold something and got 60$ for it. i bet you could find some shoes online made directly from another country or even your homies. jordans from china are cheap fam. buy those sell them for more bam you got like 100 or more dollers. put 40 $ into a stock market self investment take tha 60 and repeat the process or try to expand on that. etc

  • Roger Forest

    Dame making people tight because he does what he want and they do what they can.

  • ronald mcchesney

    What an idiot. So if you are nurse and work for the government and you are not a boss that makes you stupid???? This guy is a total clown.

    • Sheldon Ross

      lol well it’s really easy to be a “boss” if you’re selling drugs and want to risk your freedom and ruin your future. plenty of people have their life’s ruined thinking like that. so how about a “legal” explanation on how to be a boss legally?

    • Sheldon Ross

      Lol I’m not asking you anything I’m straight. House and cars paid off and i make 90k a year while being back in school. I’m straight. The comment is about how can someone be on such a high horse when they sold drugs for it.

  • ericw1155

    but his net worth is negative 2. million

  • Malcolm X

    Tweetlikedamedash got me here

  • Melvin Vernell

    See they got on dame For saying this but when the White dude came on here & said the EXACT thing Envy nem all agreed A couple weeks ago

  • golga14

    Dame is telling it how it is

  • Tamara Augustin

    I agree with being your own boss thing. His dlivery is arrogant though at the same time I get his point.

  • Corey R. Johnson

    “You’re in a fake existence…” 😂

  • Mo bal

    Dame made it clear that hes mad at them for having a job for 25 years because they lack confidence. I dont think he looks down on people who have a job. But he’s sending a message. Those three radio guys have a good platform to do it on their own as they are well known. I totally get his message about putting his money back in the streets. Same as investing your money (profits), back in your business so your business grows with a bigger cashflow continuously. The average mind wont get it. Entrepreneurs and business owners/investors understand it pretty well. A lot of people criticized damon dash for this message but when Gary V advised people of the same everyone was praising him. If Damon dash was white or bill gates I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be heavily criticized. So sad that black people always feel the need to believe a white man over a black brother. guess we still stuck with the slavery mentality.

    • Sheldon Ross

      Mo bal
      not true. he’s talking down to people who have jobs. you don’t think a person who makes good money at his “job” isn’t going to use that money on investments? you’ll have way more flip money having a job that pays 80g a year than you will bagging groceries. funny how he’s quick to preach but wouldn’t answer how he got his start up money lol

    • Mo bal

      @ Sheldon Ross
      dame said I’m not mad at you for having a job…I’m mad at you for doing the same job for 25years….and getting told what to do everyday….and having to ask when you can leave for vacation etc. watch the interview again. His delivery was wrong cos some people get the same impression you have but a lot of entrepreneurs will tell you the same.

    • sweet ness

      Mo bal well said

    • Sheldon Ross

      The dude said how can his kid look up to him? As if your job and how you make your money make you a good person. Lol we all know this is false and completely bs. You don’t try to get your point across by belittle people and not being honest. He spent more time making himself look better than them than he did actually giving knowledge. He straight up got asked “how do you get the start up money/how did YOU get your start up money” lol point to where he answered?

  • Nelson DaKing

    lmao little tyronesee your in a fake existence dog

  • Reel Deal

    Deadass this man preaching I promise

  • Lovgun7

    says the guy that’s bankrupt, evicted and broke lol

  • Eijah Fuller

    I totally get it

  • stashouse617

    So the men and woman teaching our youth are suckas is what your saying . So the people fighting fires saving lives are suckas .

  • stashouse617

    Fact of the matter is what he is saying is true but everyone can’t be a boss but everyone can bet on them selves and give their kids game

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