Blogging & Video Marketing for Business: Networx Panel Speakers Interview

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Networx TV ( ) sits with the Panel Speakers following the Networx Brisbane 'Blogging & Video Marketing for Business' Panel Event Discussion – 18 May 2011 at the XXXX Alehouse, Milton, Brisbane.

Speakers interviewed were:
– Yaro Starak, Founder & Professional Blogger, @YaroStarak
– Gideon Shalwick, Founder, @GideonShalwick
– Craig Somerville, General Manager, Reload Media @reload_media
Interviewer: Cat Matson, Business CATalyst, Alito @catmatson.

Interview Breakdown – Gideon Shalwick:
00:27 – What is the value of having a branded YouTube channel versus just uploading YouTube videos to my own account?
01:24 – So for somebody who is new to YouTubing and particularly to getting their own channel your advice would be don't spend a whole lot of time getting the branding spot on, just start getting video out there?
01:54 – So your top tips would be, get started, and subscribe to others in your niche. So you can see what's going on?

Interview Breakdown – Craig Somerville:
02:35 – I've noticed that Reload, now your not video bloggers however you have recently transitioned from using amateur do it yourself video marketing posts, to professional ones. Why did you move to professional?
03:19 – Are you seeing an improvement in the level of engagement that your getting from your followers now that you have switched to professionally produced videos?
03:48 – I guess my final question then would be, we have talked a lot tonight about how important it is to have your videos obviously on YouTube, that is where you put them, but it is also about putting them everywhere else and embedding them into your other sites, not just linking to them?

Interview Breakdown – Yaro Starak:
04:36 – One thing that we didn't get to talk about tonight was how do we choose a topic? And particularly how do you choose a topic that is going to work in a blog?
05:32 – If its, if for example there is a lot of magazines on a subject, lots of magazines for men's sports, or for fishing and stuff does that mean its going to translate well to an online/blog online?
06:25 – Okay cool, is there a rule of thumb in terms of how often you have to write your topic in order to build a decent amount of traffic?
07:02 – Okay cool, so the key take-aways there are do your research and find a topic that people are going to actually come too and then build as much content as you possibly can?

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