Best Camera For YouTube (Early 2017)

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Best Cameras For YouTube 2017
In This video I breakdown some of the best cameras for YouTube based on the specific needs of different YouTubers. So if you're a beauty Guru, daily vlogger, gamer or general YouTube personality. We'll go over the best cameras to fit your needs.
Best Cheap YouTube Camera Options:
1. Just Use CellPhone With CellPhone Mount:
Shoulderpod S1 CellPhone Mount:

2. Best Cheap Camera For Gaming/Commentary
Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920:

3. Great Cheap All Around Camera
Canon PowerShot ELPH 330 HS New:
Canon PowerShot ELPH 330 HS Used:
Best Mid-Range YouTube Camera Options:
1. Best Beginner Camera For YouTube:
Canon EOS Rebel T5i New:
Canon EOS Rebel T5i Used:

2. Best Vlogging Camera For YouTube:
Canon G7X:
Best Overall Cameras:

Sony Alpha a6300:

Canon EOS 70D New:
Canon EOS 70D Used:
A Good Article Breaking down some of the best cameras for YouTube videos:
YouTube News:
Now the way I broke down this video was by looking at the best cheap, affordable cameras which will be cameras under $300 dollars, then we’ll looking great mid-range cameras up to $600, followed by the absolute best cameras on the market today between $600 and $1200 area. Now in each range I looked at the best camera for the specific type of YouTubers as well. So your want a camera for beauty videos you’ll probably want something different then a daily vlogger.
Honestly all of the options listed here will work great for YouTubers and ensure that you're channel can grow without any struggles or worries about quality.
One thing to keep in mind is the camera is not the only factor in quality however. Having a quality microphone and lighting will be something to factor in as well. So keep that in mind when deciding on which item is right for you.
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  • BrokeBoy

    hey i own a powershot sx30 IS I bought a few years ago you think it’ll be ok or should i get the 330 HS you mentioned ?

    • The Product Lab

      I would probably stick with the powershot sx30 IS. the 330 HS won’t be much of a upgrade camera. it’s more for someone who’s buying their first ever camera. If you’re looking the upgrade I would try to save up and get the Canon T5i
      Hope that helps 🙂

    • BrokeBoy

      how about the Nikon CoolPix L840 would that be a decent upgrade from my current cam? if not i might save up for a Nikon d3400

    • BrokeBoy

      I made up my mind amd am getting the Canon sl1 or the t4i because the t5i isnt much better than the t4i and the sl1 is basically the t4i and only $200 only major thing sl1 is missing is a rotating screen,

  • Justinblazemode

    OMG 527 subs you deserve mor like 100,000 this is quality content


    Love your video! New subscriber 😊question Im doing beauty tutorials and sometimes vloging I can’t decide between the canon powershot g7x mark 2 or the canon rebel t6 . What do you think would be best ?

    • The Product Lab

      I’d actually say the Canon Powershot G7x Mark 1 is better then the Mark 2, about 50 percent of people feel that way so it will be your preference.
      But the G7X is better then the Canon Rebel T6 for sure. If you don’t plan on traveling to much and doing videos at your desk, I would say the Canon T6i though 🙂


      The Product Lab thank u !!

  • David Kates

    Thanks bro!

  • AGNation

    I recently bought the canon 80D what’s your opinion on it?

  • Nikaian

    i have a galaxy s6 edge phone and i want a camera that has heaps better quality then that im looking to spend about 250 im gonna be recording landscapes and sports like gymnastics what would be the best camera that records amazing quality 60 fps and realy gets that stunning quality with landscapes

    • Nikaian

      and also doesn’t look blurry when recording at night as well

    • The Product Lab

      I’m going to be honest for $250 that is a lot to ask for…
      I have a Galaxy S6 myself and being honest it would stack up against most Sub $250 dollar Cameras, you may get a slight with a new camera but normally really worth while.
      I just suggest maybe looking towards the GoPro Hero5, Could give a solid sports [Gymnastics etc…] camera and its cheap. Can record crazy FPS on that, up to 120 FPS on 1080P mode which is insane.
      Wish I could help more but that’s a very tall order

    • Nikaian

      The Product Lab how about Sony nex 5n I really need a awesome camera for action/landscaping films like cinematic in a way I can probably go to 350$ give me a few options thanks!

  • ChrisRiquinha

    Any thoughts on the Canon t3i?

    • The Product Lab

      Decent starting camera, kind of limiting, doesn’t have a mic input I believe so that’s a challenge. I firmly believe the t5i is worth the increase in money but the Canon t3i can be a decent starter DSLR if you’re on a tight budget.

    • Linda B

      they both have a mic input


      ChrisRiquinha I suggest you look up the YouTuber “DSLR Guide” and watch his video on why he won’t get a new camera

  • Hannah Ivy

    I just want a camera that records more than 12 damn minutes with a 64gb card

  • Josh Joy

    How do you feel about the Canon eos m5? I want to use it for vlogging and cinematic shots, was wondering your opinions?

    • The Product Lab

      I think the Sony A6300 is better for vlogging, its about the same price very similar in a lot of ways. However the M5 could get the job done if someone prefers some specs on the camera or the Canon brand in general for sure

  • FlipFilms

    Very nice, I like the way you organize things. I will be a new subscriber. And any thoughts on the A7S 11 compared to these cameras. (Even though I will most likely not get that expensive camera due to budget and my current skill level.) btw I am more into cinematic and short film type stuff

    • The Product Lab

      Sony A7S is crazy good! Awesome camera, especially in low light. It does run up a very high bill is the only issue but if you have the money for it, in that price range I think its the best camera available.

    • FlipFilms

      The Product Lab but the rolling shutter. It just, kills the whole camera. If Sony fixes that in a new version of the AVS or some other full frame camera I will love it! But of course this is far into the future until I master DSLR and mirrorless and save up the money

  • MountainsOfBeauty

    thank you for this video help so much

  • Dominizer

    What is your opinion on the t7i? I plan on shooting vlogs at my school or just walking around outdoors or just vlogging in a store. But I don’t know whether to get a t7i a t6i a t5I or a g7x. Please respond 🙂

    • The Product Lab

      Based on what you’ve said you want to vlog on the go more, more walking around footage, so I would highly recommend the g7x in that case. Can make life a lot easier, a lot smaller, easier to carry around and the quality isn’t that much worse. Hope this helps 🙂

    • Dominizer

      The Product Lab Ok thanks man!

    • Dominizer

      The Product Lab The only problem with the g7x is the auto focus

  • Bianca Klein

    If you buy the 70D which lens would be good for beauty & gaming videos?

    • Fabian Pourmand - Photographer

      Bianca Klein I would do a wide prime or a wide zoom.. canon 16-35 or a 24mm prime

    • The Product Lab

      I agree, The stock lens will be the most versatile for filming in different situations/photos at the price point, but a wide angle, good aperture lens tend to be preferable for those close up face shots.

    • vgman94

      What defines “good aperture”? Sorry for the basic question,

    • Fabian Pourmand - Photographer

      Not a problem, anything between 1.4-2.8 for a wide prime is good. I know sigma has a great 18-35 f/1.8 that is just perfect if you have a cropped sensor camera.. if you have a full frame camera I suggest either the 16-35 or 24mm prime

  • Erik Chua

    What are your thoughts on the sony rx100v? I’m surprised that it wasn’t mentioned. Thanks!

    • The Product Lab

      Awesome camera, really on the come up in terms of popularity. Personally I prefer the Canon g7x because it is much cheaper and is similar in a lot of ways. But if you intend on filming in 4K or money just isn’t an issue for you the RX100V is very high quality

  • PRIME Kicks

    You didn’t review the canon g7x mark 2

    • The Product Lab

      Yeah personally I think the Canon G7x Mark 1 is better at least considering the fact it is cheaper. Not really a major difference between the two

  • deterugweg

    sounds like a commercial for canon packed as a honnest review. If this is sponsored by canon in any way it would be poliite to say so.

  • Justo

    I’d have bought the G7X if you could like add a microphone to it

    • The Product Lab

      Yeah the on camera mic is decent though. Hard to find a decent point and shoot with a mic input and a front facing camera

  • I've Faded Away

    the Panasonic G7 should of been on this list

  • florida bass edition

    don’t buy a gopro hero 5 it has to much white noise in the background.

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