Before You Begin Blogging: Online Security and Choosing a Name

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Book Blog:

Kathleen Hale situation:

There are two things that are important to keep in mind before you start blogging, vlogging, or starting a YouTube channel: your online security and picking a name. If you'd like me to do more of these videos, let me know in the comments!


  • Caitlin Heidel

    Thank you so muck for the advice!!

  • buyreadreview

    Amazing video and such an important message! I can definitely relate to wishing you had done things a little differently when you first started. I never thought I’d have 1000 subscribers. That was a crazy longterm dream, but here I am at over 3k. So when I first started I had in mind that it would remain a rather small and therefore ‘private’ (=when it comes to youtube standards) little community on here. I definitely should’ve picked a blog-type name and I have one that I use for my instagram, but since I now have so many subscribers and am known as Karina E I don’t feel changing my name would be a good idea. What do you think? Plus, I would keep where I live (even though it’s a huge city) a lot a lot a lot more private. I’ve never said it in a video, but I have mentioned it in 1-2 replies to comments. Won’t happen anymore. Sigh, one learns so much along the way! 

    • About To Read

      We really do learn so much as we get more experience! I think if you want to change your name, now is the time to do it because you’re only going to get bigger – not smaller. With YouTube though, you can’t really change your name. You can change the display name, but URL will always be I wish they would let us change that though! My URL is /forthoseabouttoread and no one really know me by that. 

      Actually considered going with an entirely new name last year, but I decided not to because a YouTube name is soooo much harder to change than a blog name. Ashley from Nose Graze changed her blog name last year and wrote a great post about it though (, and I just think it’s a lot harder to of on YouTube.

    • buyreadreview

      I actually have the URL changed already. Mh, I might still change my channel name. Thanks for your thoughts and help! 🙂 ♡ 

    • About To Read

      +Karina E awesome! last year YouTube didn’t let you change the URL once it was created. I’ll have to look at changing mine now 🙂

  • Felicity Bradley

    Can you link the story? I’ve been setting up my accounts for starting my blog and I def. did not use my name or personal info. I actually just used my blog name. This is very good advice that no one (booktubers) has mentioned yet. I suppose another tip could be tread lightly when giving a not so positive review. Always try to keep in mind that there’s still a human behind that book and not all humans are good at taking/ ignoring critiques. Cautionary tale for sure.

    • About To Read

      Whoops! I did forget the link, didn’t I? Just added it to the info bar.

      I still think negative reviews are important. I’ve done several myself. Fortunately, I don’t hate a book very often, so I don’t have a ton that are solely negative. Heck, negative reviews could be an entire video on it’s own, but I think it’s important to share your opinion even if it isn’t pretty. That said, I also think it’s important not to tear the author to shreds personally when reviewing their work. (side note: this is in no way a comment on the KH situation as I have not read the review that started the whole stalking situation. And regardless of what the review said, I believe stalking is unacceptable).

  • LovingDemBooks

    What a great video! (: I definitely think this is something that needs to be talked about!

  • LovingDemBooks

    My last name is public, and my last name is also very uncommon. I hope no one as well tries to track me down, and I hope everybody respects my privacy as well. I guess it’s a mistake I’ve made because my Twitter has my last name in it.

    • About To Read

      I have the same problem because I have a unique last name too. My last name used to be in my Twitter handle too because it started out as my personal twitter and so did my goodreads. I changed my handle to Tiffany (AboutToRead) on Twitter and the same on goodreads, so it isn’t as obviously out there anymore. You could do the same too if it’s bothering you.

      I don’t think anyone will track you down and I don’t think it’s overly common to have an author stalk you, but it’s just such a scary possibility. I hope everyone just tries to be as safe as they can with their personal info. online! 

  • Nea Peach

    Thank you so much for this video! I’m thinking about starting a channel and blog myself so this was incredibly helpful!

  • The Tennyson's Post

    anyone watching this in 2k16

  • Basic Blog Tutorials

    I have a niche blog with a domain I wish I could change, but I’d rather not because it has established itself in social media and Google. Changing it would be tantamount to starting from scratch, but I have learned the lesson to do my homework before starting a blog.

  • The Lifestyle Marketer

    Good video, One thing I think people should consider is whether using their real identity’s will help with your branding and what will happen once you are successful. I’ve always used my real name and I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to talk at several events around the world, it could have been very awkward if I’d been using a different persona online.

    • About To Read

      +The Lifestyle Marketer makes sense! I think you can use your real first name, but I don’t love the idea of having all my personal info out there personally

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